Chord Transposer

The One-Finger-Chord-Wonder

Chord Transposer is the perfect addition to the Chord Memorizer.
While the Chord Memorizer let’s you store different chords on single keys, the Chord Transposer
let’s you record, re-trigger and transpose a chord with a single key press. This function is crucial to modern (dance) music, especially
when used with a Arpeggiator. The origin of this function derives from some vintage synths such as
the Korg Polysix, the Korg Mono/Poly, the Roland Alpha Juno series and a few others.

The Chord Transposer is a free upgrade of Chord Memorizer user and included in the Chord Memorizer pack for any new users.

Chord Transposer
Available here:
Chord Memorizer on Sonic Bloom

Audio Treasure

If you ever did a music jam, made your genius musical mistake but forgot to record the audio?
This device will help you then. If you place it into the master track, it will always record and
keep the last 2 minutes of your recording at your fingertips.
Simply click the ‘write’ button to save these last 2 minutes and load them again into Live.

Note Trap

Note trap is a free Max for cats MIDI device which lets you create musical patterns in musical scales and tonic.
Ideal to add some minimalism and/or serialism into your music style!
The pattern can be run in sync or free to your Live set, you can set the velocity data, the direction…
Note Trap
Download Note Trap HERE