Bertha 2

Part of the Gratis Pack

Bertha 2 is a polyphonic additive synthesizer with a few extras. With its eight tone generators, and drawbar-style control, Bertha 2 excels at producing sounds reminiscent of vintage Farfisa or Vox transistor organs. The requisite vibrato, chorus and distortion effects, along with the Leslie speaker simulation, let you conjure up all manner of classic organ tones for the garage, the arena, and the church. Going beyond the earthly realm is simply a matter of engaging Bertha 2’s microtonal mode and taking advantage of the device’s full-featured ADSR envelope – fascinating, otherworldly textures await.
Available at Ableton


Part of the Gratis Pack
Available at ABLETON

This experimental performance device allows you to ‘de-warp’ samples in Live’s Session – while still being able to loop them. The de-warped sound can be mixed with the warped sound. You can even have loops playing in reverse.


ANTI-WARP Checklist:

– use the latest Max 6.1.7
– a Clip in the Session View plays in the same track where you have Anti-Warp
– Only works with your own sounds: The Clip/Sample is not from Live’s library or from a Ableton Live Pack (these have encrypted samples and won’t work…)