The OSCiLLOT Processor Modules: FEEDBACK – Allows Feedback routings/connections CURVE+RANGE – multi-purpose signal/CV bender (logarithmic/exponential functions etc.) ENVELOPE FOLLOWER – convert amplitude information to CV data OFFSET – Shift and Offset signals QUANTIZER – a simple chromatic Quantizer SAMPLE+HOLD – capture and hold a signal SCALER – rescale the min/max of a signal SLEW LIMITER …

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The OSCiLLOT Filter Modules: Red Filter – Overdrive Filter with 12 Filter Types DIODE LP – Classic Diode-style Lowpass filter (EMS, Roland TB-303) EQ3 – a 3-band parametric EQ FORMANT -Formant filter with 10 formant types LADDER LP – Classic Moog-style Lowpass filter LP GATE – vactrol filter with adjustable ‘vactrol’ timing SPECTRAL – FFT-based …

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The OSCiLLOT Mixer Modules: BIPOLAR 4 – 4 input bipolar mixer (attenuate, sum, amplify) CV PAN – voltage controlled signal panner MATRIX 4 – 1-4 in- to 1-4 output routing matrix MERGE 4-1 – 4 input to 1 output signal merger MIX 2S – 2 mono input / 1 stereo output mixer with panning MIX …

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The OSCiLLOT Shaper Modules: Wavefolder – Wavefolding with Width and modulation COMPRESSOR – comprehensive signal compressor DISTORT – signal distortion with clipping, folding, overdrive and more. PEAKLIMITER – comprehensive peak-limiter WAVESHAPER – signal transfer function via chebyshev polynomials


The OSCiLLOT Effect Modules: SM Analog Slew Delay – analog style delay Voice Morpher – voice or instrument timbre modulation Leslie – classic Rotor simulation 3-PHASE CHORUS – 3-lfo modulated chorus DIGIDELAY – delay line with internal and external modulation options FILTERBANK – bandpass filter bank with variable gain and frequency per band FREQSHIFT – …

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