Chord Memorizer

The Chord Memorizer is a Max for Live MIDI effect by Max for Cats. It lets you easily create, play and store MIDI chords for chord progressions and chord patterns. Each key can store any chord!

Get the Chord Memorizer here:
Chord Memorizer

Get the Chord Memorizer and the Arp One As a bundle and save some! Available here

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  1. Hi, is it possible to adjust the notes of the chords after recording it? I might want to add/ drag around the notes at a later stadium, without having to physically play it in, but just by clicking the notes.

    • Hello,
      Post edits are not supported in the current version but it might be a interesting feature for future versions – i’ll put in on the list.

  2. I’d like to see the ability to have key ranges that are thru and key ranges that are chords. This way you can have the lower range be chords (for left hand playing) and then play leads on the top half.

    • Hello,

      Unfortunately not – the store is down for some overhaul and this takes a bit time…it’ll be in ~4 weeks.


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