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    BENGAL updates. You can always grab the latest BENGAL version here:
    Bengal-latest version download

    v. 1.0.2 Released 09/28/2016

    – The Partial/Wave setting in the operators was not correctly restored when loading a preset.

    – Custom wavetables would not be saved with presets / Live sets.
    – Switching from custom wavetables to partial mode could cause.
    – Changing the sample rate while Bengal was running would reset the operators to Partial mode.
    – Phase scope and “Info” animation would seize to work after hot-swapping presets.

    – Scope mode was not saved with presets
    – OP1 Level Modulation patchpoint was broken

    – Track window title wouldn’t update when moved to other tracks

    – DEMO Version RELEASE

    v.1.0.1: Released 09/02/2016

    Changelog Bugfixes:
    – Patchpanel: The Scope input was without function.
    – Patchpanel: Random Mod input was without function
    – Patchpanel: Scale Mod was without function
    – Patchpanel: Env Trigger 2-4 was not working correctly
    – OP ADSRs: Parameter values were not always shown on mouseover
    – SEQ: Random step wouldn’t consider step length
    – UI: Comb Filter State could show wrong state
    – UI: Disabled State Macros looked weird
    – UI: LFO Waveform icons
    – UI: Check for minimum required Max version would not work
    – UI: SCALE: lin/log dropdown appearance (should either look like dropdowns in Seq or the OP Wave chooser)
    – Envelope Sustain Output was a bit too low
    – Improved device loading time (~ 35% faster)
    – Improved DSP performance (up to 20% faster)
    – Display: Would cease to work after turning it off and on again
    – Scope: Amplitude scaling was too high
    – Scope: Would sometimes not show the output of the last active voice.


    – Lesson Translations: Spanish, Japanese, French, German
    – Added FineTune (Global Section)

    v.1.0: Released: 08/18/2016

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    Jed Fish Gould

    thanks for the latest version but the patches remain the same from one channel to the next…

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    Bengal looks great. I already have Oscillot. Does Bengal have anything that Oscillot does not, aside from the obvious GUI differences?

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    roman stange

    hi. how do i access the fine tune?

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    It seems like Ableton’s website is still downloading v1.1

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    Nico Starke

    I guess in theory you could build a similar 4-OP FM synth from Oscillot modules, but that would be quite a big patch and a bit painful to use. Also, there are quite a few bits in Bengal that are different to the stock Oscillot modules, e.g. most of the filters, some of the effects, the function generator, the sequencer, which has note scaling, glide, etc., so I’d guess the results would also sound a bit different.

    All in all, I’d say Bengal is more convenient to use for what it is, whereas Oscillot is giving you a lot more freedom in making your own synth- or effect creations. Hope this helps.

    @roman stange
    It’s in the GLOBAL section (bottom right corner of the interface), below the GLIDE parameter.

    Yeah, this is unfortunately a problem of Ableton’s pack versioning. The pack version is not the same / not in sync with the actual M4L device version that is delivered with the pack. Just go ahead, download the latest pack from the site and install it. It should now say “Version 1.0.2” in the actual Bengal device (underneath the “Open Editor” button).

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    David Mondrup

    When I go to the link, it says to “Add To Cart”, even if I already have this pack, and I am logged into

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    David Mondrup

    Whoops – my mistake. Seems I was logged into with my work account rather than my personal account. It’s all solved now, and I have 1.0.2 installed.

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