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    OSCiLLOT v 1.1

    *simply redownload/reinstall the pack from the Ableton Page

    The update brings Max 7 compatibility and introduces a new Macro Mapping feature, allowing you to remotely control any OSCiLLOT parameter via automation and MIDI for full hands-on control of your modular patches.
    The number of included OSCiLLOT modules also continues to grow, and for this update the DSP wizards at Surreal Machines have produced several special units to bolster your modular creation (or destruction) needs…

    • New Macro mapping system allows to assign the 8 macros directly to all module parameters.
    • All module displays / meters are now drawn in high resolution on Retina displays (requires Max 7).
    • Maximum zoom factor of the Editor GUI has been increased to 150%, allowing for more convenient patching on large displays.
    • 3PhaseChorus has more modulation targets for the CV1 input and a new performance-optimized OpenGL display, which significantly reduces the module’s GPU load.

    • Max for Cats GrainResynth 
    • Surreal Machines Destroyer 
    • Surreal Machines Analog Slew Delay  
    • Surreal Machines MultibandDistortion 
    • Surreal Machines PrecisionHighCut 
    • Surreal Machines Xover

    • When using Max 7 on OS X 10.10, Oscillot could crash when loading presets or modules.
    • When using Max 7 on Windows, Oscillot would freeze when loading modules.
    • When using Max 7, the Live and Max version information in the display of the main device would be incorrectly aligned.
    • Certain displays / meters would sometimes not be drawn after closing and reopening the Oscillot Editor window.
    • Digidelay: delay time calculation was incorrect.
    • Pitch2Trigger: fifth outlet would not work.
    • Slew limiter x1000 times would not work.
    • Fixed some layout issues in OSC A.

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    loading LFO A crashes Live. OS X yosemite, Live 9.2, M4L7, everything updated to the latest

    [edit:solved with the Max 7.0.5 version]

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    Awesome news, looking forward to giving this a go tonight. Max 6 can finally go from my system !

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      And it works …. fantastic :) Thanks for sorting this guys !

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    The version downloaded from is r39078_v1.0.alp?

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      That’s the correct version.

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    Hey Guys

    Thanks for the oscillot update. its great. And a areally BIG THANK YOU for giving the extra zoom. I requested if this might be possible as the small size of text was difficult for me due to my bad eyesight and you have done it. Thats amazing and I am so pleased and grateful to you.

    Thanks Thanks


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      I would just like to echo that with my thanks for the zoom feature. It makes a massive difference to me too.


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    why is this named …r39078_v1.0.alp if update is called v1.1? that totally confusing…

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    Great update – thanks!

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    Hi Christian

    I’m afraid this crashing problem with the info button has returned in the new version.

    OS X 10.10.5, Live 9.2.1, Max 6.1.10 or Max 7.0.5

    All I have to do is load Oscillot and press info and Live crashes immediately.



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      If you could extract the module documentation from inside Max/Oscillot and put it on the website that would be a great help.


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    Hey guys 1.1 version work with Live 9.1.10?
    Thank for your work!

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    When I set CLOCKER to run Free and a tempo of 60 and whole note division I would expect to get 60bmp as my base clock. But it seems to run slower than that – maybe half speed or so.

    Other than that the 1.1 seems to be much more stable.

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    JUKEBOX : Only sound from SIG L when playing .WAV samples.
    GRAINDELAY: Axis seem swapped… Y-axis parameter linked to X-axis movement and vice-versa.

    Just had a hard crash (reboot) when changing focus from OSCiLLOT editor window to Live window. Will try to reproduce if I can.

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    Nope. I take that back. OSCiLLOT can still not load its own patches without crashing Live. Wow.

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      Could you be more specific? If you have issues with a patch, please send me the patch/crashlog/statusreport to info at maxforcats dot com

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    Hi guys,

    I’d written before that it was crashing upon load..well, it’s not now. Thanks for the work, update seems stable (for me anyway), and zoom is VERY appreciated.



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    No Ableton 9 lite?

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      You need Max for Live. I’m not sure if this Live version supports it.

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    the new mapping feature is working great, thanks for this!!

    But the label of the makros, if changed, are not updating on Ableton Push or is this working only with the makros from instrument racks?


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      Sadly we can’t display names on Push with the OSCiLLOT mappings (only instrument racks afaik)

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    I have the same problem as others describe – Live crashes when opening a saved project and Oscillot finishes loading. Crash report sent to the info e-mail as requested. Good luck squashing the bug.

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    Chris Jarman

    I also have the issue with Oscillot loading and crashing. It also crashes if I attempt to move it another channel, basically anything that involves Oscillot loading. Its unusable for me at the moment.

    Ive also sent a zip of crash reports to the info email. Really hope you can sort it, great bit of software!

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    OSCiLLOT Lite for Ableton live lite.

    for free.

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    thx for the update, but when we will see the name of the macros in push?

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    Just bought OSCiLLOT in Ableton’s Black Friday sale. This thing is crazy fun! Thanks for all the great work.

    Just want to report an issue I experienced on Windows 7 x64. The problem could be Max 7 rather than Oscillot, I’ve no idea (I just installed Max 7 – I was holding out because of reports of bad performance). Unfortunately I closed the project without thinking about a status report, but if I experience it again I will send you one.

    First the editor would not show. The button would change to “Hide Editor” but nothing happened. When I went to save the patch so I could load it in another channel, the editor opened and closed several times in accordance up with all my prior clicking on the Show Editor button. Many meters and visualizations were not working, and then finally my cursor disappeared when it was anywhere over Ableton Live or OSCiLLOT.

    Up until that point though, I’d had no issues. Normally Ableton performs flawlessly for me, so I’m fairly sure the culprit is either Oscillot or Max 7.

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