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    OSCiLLOT Lite

    Download the Lite version

    Users of Max for Live can download the free OSCiLLOT Lite and get patching right away – the Lite version comes with 26 modules and features 3 voices of polyphony.

    Check out the video below for a demo of what’s included
    and what’s possible with OSCiLLOT Lite. As with all things modular, it’s the creative combination and interaction of modules (not their absolute number) that makes things interesting.

    Here’s a feature comparison:

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    This looks interesting and am looking forward to trying it out.

    However, I am only getting sound out of Oscillot Lite with the D.A.F Rhythmic Synth patch, and only when the Live 9 set is playing. If I try one of the Synth Lead patches for instance, and arm the track, Oscillot is receiving MIDI (as I can tell from the instrument Rack MIDI input indicator), but no audio is produced.

    Is there something I need to do? I have read the inbuilt help but this didn’t shed light on the issue.


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    is it possible to import oszillot lite projects in the payed version?

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    Could you explain : not expandable.
    I’m not able to insert my own modules or what?

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