OSCiLLOT Modular Synthesizer

➤ OSCiLLOT is a patchable, up to 6 voice polyphonic modular system, plus a monophonic Effect version. There are currently ~100 modules integrated.
➤ OSCiLLOT allows you to patch a variety of synths, sequencers, effects, logic elements and a much more – let your imagination run wild in the modular jungle…
➤ OSCiLLOT AFX is a monophonic Audio FX version.
➤ OSCiLLOT MIDI Receive can be used to receive OSCiLLOT data on MIDI tracks, to play your Ableton instruments or VSTi’s/AU’s.

Adding new Modules to OSCiLLOT in 3 simple steps:

1. locate the OSCiLLOT pack in the Live Browser and right/ctrl click it. Choose ‘show in Finder'(Explorer on PC’s).
2. open the .alp pack, again via right click/ctrl click (show package content)
3. Place the module in the right category of the ‘Modules’ folder.

The new Module should now appear in OSCiLLOT’s category. (you need to re-start OSCiLLOT)

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