PitchSwitch is a Pitch-changing StepSequencer for audio.

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  1. I’ve been really enjoying Pitchswitch and NOW…in the advent of the release of your Noland and CatStretch plugs, you are giving away “Gateway” …MORE fun!!!
    I do have a question/request:
    As both PitchSwitch and Gateway seem to be cousins, would it be possible to make it such that the “direction”, “sequencer speed” and “sequence length” parameters were mappable? I’d love to be able to use your xy gesture capture plug on these ;)

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi, the PitchSwitch doesn’t work for me when I have the seq/trans mod on. Nothing happens. When I turn off the seq/trans function blue square it works……not sure if it’s a glitch or is their something I need to be doing. I just bought it last week, it’s v 1.1

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