The One-Finger-Chord-Wonder

Chord Transposer is the perfect addition to the Chord Memorizer.
While the Chord Memorizer let's you store different chords on single keys, the Chord Transposer
let's you record, re-trigger and transpose a chord with a single key press. This function is crucial to modern (dance) music, especially
when used with a Arpeggiator. The origin of this function derives from some vintage synths such as
the Korg Polysix, the Korg Mono/Poly, the Roland Alpha Juno series and a few others.

The Chord Transposer is a free upgrade of Chord Memorizer user and included in the Chord Memorizer pack for any new users.

Chord Transposer
Available here:
Chord Memorizer on Sonic Bloom


Inspired by the classic string machines of the 1970s, Ensemble is a Max for Live string synthesiser with a unique built-in morphing formant filter. Ensemble also includes chorus and phaser effects which can be used separately.
Available here:

Download the Ensemble Manual:
Ensemble Manual v.0.9

Ensemble offers 3 different Oscillator Modes:

A.: Distorted Triangle (waveforms changes to a upward- or downward Saw via modulation)
B.: Rectangular Wave with variable Pulsewidth
C.: Triangle with hyperbolic arc-tangent function: