Max for Cats presents DiGiTAL, a powerful polyphonic synth that fuses aspects of additive, wavetable, frequency modulation and subtractive synthesis. DiGiTAL is distinctly designed for creating new sounds and provides a comprehensive set of controls expressly for this purpose.

Available here:
Download the user manual here:
DiGiTAL Manual

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    • Thanks for the new presets! Still loving this synth and hoping for those waveshaping option. CPU’s be damned! ;) Just kidding but only kinda.

  1. Hi Syncr,

    I took a (quick) look. The main problem is the CPU load when modifying several partials with a controller….I’ll investigate further.

  2. Hi,
    i change my mac to a new one and Digital crash live all the time.
    i use max 7.2.3 and live 9.6.2 with osx 10.11.6
    Do you have any solution?

    • Hi! Haven’t heard of this before but if you send me your support information (Live help menu ->get support) I gladly look into it. you can use info at maxforcats dot com, thanks

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