Grain Relay

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Grain Relay combines a granular delay, pitch shifting, reverb, downsampling and ring modulation in a single, easy to operate device. The blending of all these effects can transform your music into multi-facetted dimensions.

BBD delay-style effects and famous 70s pitch shifters all united

Whether you’re a sound explorer or just looking for a special sonic touch on your productions, Grain Relay offers a vast palette to dial in various flavours of sound processing.

BBD delay-style effects or the famous 70s pitch shifters are all united here, to be used with ease. Perfect Live and Push integration of Grain Relay makes it easy and fun to explore the various styles. Add a shimmer to your instruments, create ghostly sounds, make your beats sound more industrial and brutal, or fully transform your sound sources beyond recognition.

Modulate the pitch of the delay with eight LFO waveforms

Define the length of the delayed signal either in beat divisions (Sync mode) or time units (Free mode). The higher the feedback setting, the more repetitions of the delayed time you will hear. Downsample the signal and dial in additional overtones with ring modulation.

Pitch the delayed signal down or up, affect the grain size and how the sound is changed by the Pitch Shifter with Grain Shape. The versatile LFO lets you modulate the pitch of the delay with eight different waveforms and intensity.

You can also add a random panning effect, reverb and level the input, output and the Dry/Wet balance to round the sound off.