The OSCiLLOT In/Out Modules: AUDIO Send – Send audio to different locations / tracks AUDIO IN – receive audio from the output of an Ableton Track (AFX version only!) AUDIO OUT – send audio to the Ableton track CV to MIDI SEND – use with the OSCiLLOT MIDI receiver amxd MIDI to CV/GATE – translates …

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The OSCiLLOT Oscillator Modules: Swarm Oscillator 7 generators for thick swarm sounds Wave X – Waveset Oscillator Red OSC – Karplus Strong-based distortion Oscillator ADD12 – sine wave Oscillator with 12 sine waves ADD40 – 40 sine wave Oscillator bank CLICK – an Impulse generator with variable shape FFM – Feedback FM Oscillator FM MOD …

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The OSCiLLOT Sampler Modules: JUKEBOX Sample-Player with Gain, Pitch, Loop functions LOOPER Looper/Recorder with reverse and modulation functions


The OSCiLLOT Modulator Modules: AD -Attack/Decay envelope with curves and loop function ADSR – classic ADSR with Retrigger, Curves and many more functions DUAL LFO – 2 LFO generators with several logic outputs, Sync/Free etc. FUNCTION LFO – Freeform LFO generator with several shape functions LFO A – classic LFO generator with 7 waveforms, phase, …

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