TriComp by Max for Cats

Multiband Compressor with Sidechain Compression per Band

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TriComp is an advanced multiband compressor that allows you to split the input into three variable frequency bands. Each band can then be compressed individually and the compression can be sidechained individually as well. This allows for quite precise control of the signal dynamic, but also opens the door to many sound design possibilities since each band can also be muted.

Focus. Sculpt. Reshape.

Sculpt your sound and dynamics by adjusting ratio, threshold, knee, attack, release and makeup per band. Decide if you want to sidechain only the high, mids or lows, or all or none. Change the frequency split points to reshape the signal and fit it into the mix. Use white noise for testing and mixing routines. Last, but not least, the display gives you visual feedback of the frequency spectrum of the individual bands.

TriComp by Max for Cats