Inspired by the classic string machines of the 1970s, Ensemble is a Max for Live string synthesiser with a unique built-in morphing formant filter. Ensemble also includes chorus and phaser effects which can be used separately.
Available here: https://www.ableton.com/en/packs/ensemble/

Download the Ensemble Manual:
Ensemble Manual v.0.9

Ensemble offers 3 different Oscillator Modes:

A.: Distorted Triangle (waveforms changes to a upward- or downward Saw via modulation)
B.: Rectangular Wave with variable Pulsewidth
C.: Triangle with hyperbolic arc-tangent function:

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  1. I think in your description you are doing yourselves a great injustice – this instrument is phenomenal! Hungry for whatever is next. Love it!

  2. I agree with Antony, I’ve been playing with Ensemble all night and I love it, a wonderful instrument – many thanks!

  3. I bough the Ensemble pack for Live yesterday and I really like the instrument.

    I have a problem with the user manual that does not match the current version of the instrument AND leaves out an important piece of information: How to remove morph break points from the XY grid… :) Can they be removed once they are in there?

    Also, what waveshape is the C model?

    • Hello,

      Thanks for your message.
      You can remove break points via shift-click. (Thanks for letting me know that this isn’t covered in the manual)
      C Model has a ‘bended’ Triangle. I’ll post a pic soon on the ‘ensemble’ section.


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