Software Development Kit

Please find here the first version of the OSCiLLOT Software Development Kit (SDK).
This kit explains all the details how to integrate your own patches into the OSCiLLOT Modular System.

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  1. vorerst:

    als Pluggo-user und -developer interessiert mich M4L nur am Rande,

    ab welcher Max/msp vers. kann Oscillot eingesetzt werden? Ich arbeite derz. mit Max/mspver.4.6, ver.5 (zwecks Pluggokompatibilität) u. Max/msp ver. 6.15
    existiert eine Dokumentation als pdf?

    merci f. Antwort u.
    happy maxing

    • Hallo,

      OSCiLLOT benötigt Max 6.1.9 aufwärts. Die Dokumentation ist integriert, ein pdf derzeit leider nicht verfügbar.


  2. First of all congratulation for the great work.

    For now I just tried the Lite version, What makes for me Oscillot even more interesting is the option to add custom modules. So just for test I tried to add the “SDK Example.maxpat” to the modules but it does not work. Is this a limitation of the Lite version or am I doing something wrong. I followed the “OSCiLLOT SDK Readme” file but it’s still doesn’t work, I have also tried to make a copy of the one of the modules, but that also didn’t work. Any help would be great

    • Hello and thanks for your interest. It is indeed a restriction of the free Lite version and a ‘full’ version only feature.

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