The OSCiLLOT In/Out Modules:

AUDIO Send – Send audio to different locations / tracks
AUDIO IN – receive audio from the output of an Ableton Track (AFX version only!)
AUDIO OUT – send audio to the Ableton track
CV to MIDI SEND – use with the OSCiLLOT MIDI receiver amxd
MIDI to CV/GATE – translates incoming MIDI to CV/Gate/Trigger information for the OSCiLLOT system
MIDICNTRL to CV – Translates MIDI CC, Pitchbend etc. data to CV data for the OSCiLLOT system

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  1. Could audio in arrive from a separate track, ie serve as a side-chain? More specifically, Im trying to replace my much-adored automat au. Audio tracks would see it as a routing Output option. Automat could then treat it as a sound generator. Filter section, oscilators, effects could all be tuned depending on midi-note on. Kind of like Artillery VST, but more like a coherent synth…

    • Not yet – we have so far only access to the standard Live < -> Max for Live audio routings and thus are limited by those. We’ll try to find a solution.

      Edit: Solution found: use the audio Send / receiver devices (v. 1.04)

  2. It would be unbelievable if we could route between multiple oscillot instances on multiple channels. Maybe there was an i/o module that routes signals to another oscillot module in another cannel… cool :)

    • So far we are limited by the structural design of the Live / Max for Live architecture but we’ll see what the future brings…

  3. Thema: MIDI to CV/GATE

    Hi, ich habe einen clocker mit einem eventseq. verbunden dann möchte ich das Signal zu MIDI to CV/GATE zb: auf cc88 (seq soll cc ausgeben) senden um dann in einer weiteren Midi Spur über den OSCiLLOT MIDI receiver amxd aufgegriffen zu werden. leider wird die event seq. nicht an dem ausgewählten cc ausgegeben oder nicht mit dem
    OSCiLLOT MIDI receiver amxd empfangen. Wie kann ich das bewerstelligen ?

    lg Jens

  4. I use a silent way ES-3, which takes its signals from the 8 ADAT channels out of my soundcard.
    Would it be possible to route separate cv signals through the ES-3 out of a single instance of oscillot (i.e 1v/oct cv to channel 1, lfo channel 2, adsr to channel 3 etc) or would I need to open up a new instance of oscillot to send the neccesary audio outs for each task?
    (Perhaps more clearly; can Oscillot send cv signals directly to the audio outs of my sound card or does it need to go through the stereo channels of the track the plugin is assigned to in ableton?)

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